Binge viewing!!!!

Guilty of the above having discovered a series on Netflix entitled ‘Heartland’

We used to watch it a few years ago on main stream TV and then it disappeared.

I guess it is too ‘nice’ to attract a huge audience. however I see from the FB site that they have a huge number of fans so that assumption of mine is wrong.!


anyway i have been busy catching up with the Heartland Family and have managed to get to Season 10! In the UK we would call it a soap opera but it is nothing like the dreadful (my opinion) stuff of East Enders or Coronation Street.

There are family dramas and difficult relationships but things usually work out. Not too much screaming and yelling…it’s a soothing escape for me and I love the characters. the writing is excellent and I have watched the characters develop through time.  does anyone else out there ever watch it?

Any thoughts?


What’s for dinner today?   How I hate hearing that every morning!

if it was up to me I wouldn’t bother!

Don’t get me wrong…I do enjoy cooking. It’s just that I don’t feel the need for meat and three or four veg everyday ,but it has to be served up, on time without fail. it means that no other activities can take place  unless warning has been given in advance.

Then of course those activities are overshadowed with worry about what time I should be back!

I am rationing myself to at least one outing a month sometimes being away for the whole day. Then my husband manages to make himself a meal!!

This week my outing was to London to hear the Brandenburg Choral Society perform Vivaldi’s Gloria and other beautiful pieces at the Temple church, in company of a good friend.

today’s menu?

Chicken in honey and mustard with roast sweet potato and parsnip and a variety of other veggies!!


We are not ourselves

A book chosen at random on my afternoon of volunteering at my local Library. Written by Matthew Thomas , his first Novel, a keenly observed story of family life.

I finished reading it this morning…a mere 14 days …Having to discipline myself not to keep reading at the expense of household tasks…it was difficult to put down.

Little did I know it was going to take me into a world that might well be my future as my partner of 58 years slowly loses his short term memory.

I hope I will not be like the Mother/Wife in the story who felt she could handle everything and not look for help…in fact i know in my heart I won’t be like that.

having raised four youngsters and always coped with everything that came my way, I have reached the stage where I feel I need to be cared for…but who is there for me?

it is hard to be positive and strong.


Looking for tranquillity

how do you cope with constant contradictions and repeated questions? Living with Alzheimers is a real challenge for the Carer. I’m sure there are many of you out there who understand how I feel. some days are better than others but I find the weekends the worst. I suppose that is because everyone seems to have somewhere to go or something to do on the weekend and I don’t!!