trials and tribulations

have you had one of those weeks when everything seems to go wrong .?

The shower died on Saturday. We couldn’t get a Plumber til Monday!

i went shopping at my local supermarket and at the check out  discovered that I didn’t have my bank card.

I went to an ATM for cash another day and the machine was out of order.

Whilst doing some gardening, potting up some bulbs and pansies i caught my skirt on a rough edge and pulled a thread!!

An arrangement with a friend to go to the cinema had to be cancelled because she had a family crisis to be dealt with immediately…we were both disappointed.

During my walk this morning I struggled with my breathing and took a long time to recover on return home after 25 minutes walking.

I called the Dr and got an appointment. he suggested i had an ECG immediately and that he change the dosage of one of my meds. ECG was ok. I have to take the new dose for 3 weeks and get back to him.

I decided today we would have our main meal in the evening as we were expecting the Plumber to fit the shower some time during the day.

Shower fitted, my Husband decided to make a start on cooking, even though I had said we would eat at 5.30, he had the vegetables on the go at 3.25.

He could not understand that it was too early…I was castigated for my stupidity in not being able to understand his reading of the clock.

i fled into the garden to prevent myself from screaming!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “trials and tribulations

  1. “Those weeks” are so easy to remember, but do you remember the many, many weeks when:

    The shower worked fine and you did not need a Plumber!

    Your shopping trip was uneventful.

    The ATM performed as expected.

    Your skirt survived the day without any trouble, and looked good.

    You had a great evening with a friend.

    You had a great morning walk.

    Husband did a great job of dinner (okay… that may be a stretch!).

    You ran into the garden with a fit of the giggles.

    It seems intuitive for us to fixate on negatives. We complain when our car breaks down, but do not acknowledge all the times that it worked fine. It’s really all perspective isn’t it! May your next week be totally awesome! 🙂


    1. Yes yes yes you are right…to focus on the positive is so much better! I was at the end of my tether when I wrote all those negatives things……today was better but mainly because family visited and there was lots to talk about especially as they too had issues that they had to deal with! To use an old saying…troubles shared!!

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  2. I feel your upset and frustration. It sometimes feels like everything is against but you know, I really took in Colin’s advice. I have a habit of focusing on the negative too, so it is something I need to change. I am glad today was better

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