Too many hats

are you wearing too many hats? I definitely have too many.

I made a list of the one’s I seem to be forever popping on and it seemed rather long.

yesterday it was eleven today I had to add two more………no wonder I feel somewhat exhausted at times!

I got up today with a list of ‘to do’things in my head but suddenly it seemed like a mountain too high to climb. Which hat to put on first? I tried a few diversionary tactics like sitting down and e mailing my cousin, checking my e mails, looking at FB………..

So I finally got dressed and put on my Housekeeper’s hat, made the beds and vacuumed 3 rooms, put some washing out to dry and decided on the mid day meal. Whilst doing these tasks I determined I would then go down to a regular Coffee morning in the village , hopefully to engage in some interesting conversation.

this would also include a walk which I need to do everyday..luckily the weather is really balmy ,blue skies and a gentle breeze. A good crowd of friendly faces greeted me at St B’s hall. conversation ranged from theatre trips,family history,  poems by AA Milne,the news and several more topics. Several of the group remembered particularly the poems in A A Milne’s book When we were very Young and took to reciting them together……. I have just found a battered paperback copy on my shelves given to our youngest son by my beloved sister Mary (RIP) at Christmas in 1961!!

The King’s breakfast was one of my favourites. someone else remembered Halfway down the stairs.

I have just thought of another hat i could put on!  Raconteur! that would bring the total to fourteen.. Too many I think.  I will have to dispose of some of them.

Try making a list yourself!!


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