looking for a listening ear!

Some days I feel like Shirley Valentine….”hello wall”

Trying to broach a conversation when the only person around cannot seem to tune in to you is a tad frustrating!!

yesterday I ventured bravely on my own to a fantastic concert at the Royal Albert Hall.being a fan of a TV series entitled ‘Nashville’ I just had to get to see some of the cast

in concert and what a concert it was.

of course i returned home brimming with things to say about the different artists and the music but all to no avail…My husband of 58 years and a great country music fan has started to lose his memory and can no longer recall what he sees on TV can no longer share in my enthusiasm.

This morning my daughter called in unexpectedly and related her experiences of the weekend. She went to a family party and told us all about it over a cuppa. husband sat there apparently listening. Later when I made comments about this party he could not recall anything she had told us!!!! Some days I feel like a record stuck in the groove…constantly repeating myself.

Mid afternoon I went to the Library for a chat with the Librarian….I just had to talk to someone!!


8 thoughts on “looking for a listening ear!

  1. My mother has dementia, which is why I write rather than ring as she can’t put a face to the voice at the end of the line. I have found that when she remembers things from the past on our visits, we can keep the conversation going. Thinking of you.


  2. I can appreciate how hard this must be. I have had friends in your position with parents especially and the pain of seeing them slip away before your eyes I cannot imagine. Your strength is amazing.


    1. Thank you Michael for your positive comment.I am a naturally patient soul having spent many years raising 4children and then training to teach,but now I am finding it a challenge to be patient.


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