Adult Grand children

Every now and then they decide to visit..but it has to be on their terms!!!

it’s Bank Holiday and they are up from the ‘smoke’

Can we fit you in between…………?

Just thought we’d pop over this morning………………………!!!

You are desperate to see them

What do you do? the midday meal is being prepared…it’s past coffee time

You cannot entertain and chat whilst your Husband frets that you need to be doing other things!!!

And yet..It’s nearly 4 months since you saw your Grandson:  you are torn…You suggest a few alternative times but this doesn’t fit in with their plans.

Hoping for the best you wait til after lunch…….and ring their parents….and Yes they are there

problem solved we can visit them!!!!!



One thought on “Adult Grand children

  1. The younger generation are selfish, I don’t know why. We always managed and still manage to make proper arrangements and stick to them . Even when we had small children and it was difficult. We obviously didn’t teach them well enough! Rubbish we did! Oops got me off on a rant!


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